Hello, I’m Jake.

I’ve been working with tools all of my life, both in my career in industrial maintenance and renovating several homes. Nothing is more frustrating then not having the right tool or having one that simply can’t get the job done.

It all started when I was a little kid, spending my weekends working on home projects with my father. I learned from the best, as my father was a civil engineer. By the age of 10, together we built an addition to the house, including a bedroom and bathroom. By the time I hit high school, I knew a traditional college wasn’t for me.

At 18, I went to HVAC/R school. By a chance encounter, I was offered a technician job in industrial maintenance, which has given me the opportunity to learn how to troubleshoot and repair industrial processing equipment. Over time, using tools and fixing things became my passion. My side hustle was picking up broken appliances on Craigslist and fixing them up to resell. On my off time, my wife and I renovated homes over the last decade. It started with our first townhouse, where we made tons of mistakes but learned from the process. Now, we have been able to save thousands of dollars by knowing when to do things ourselves vs outsourcing the professional help when needed.

Today, I live in Phoenix with my wife (high school sweetheart) and two toddlers. My goal is to provide you with the best information on product performance and durability to help you select the best tool to get the job done. It’s my passion teaching new homeowners how to do things themselves to avoid costly house repairs, because in the end, our homes are the biggest investment we all make. I hope this blog blog helps you choose the right tool for you.

-Cheers, Jake