15 Best Digital Torque Wrenches 2022 (The Ultimate List)

You might know me for my love of tools and home improvement projects, but I’m also a huge car buff. I love rebuilding old cars and making them new again (although my wife is not as enthused). Now, if you’re like me and you like to work on your own car, then you know that a torque wrench is a must-have tool. But going digital is where it’s at. That’s why today, I’m going to talk to you about the best digital torque wrench out there for the money.

See, a digital torque wrench is one of the essential tools you need to have in your toolbox when working on cars or other equipment that needs specified torques. It helps ensure that bolts, screws, and other various fasteners such as lug nuts, are correctly torqued so your vehicle or other equipment stays tight. And with all the different options on the market today, it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

But first, here are a few things you should consider when you are thinking about finding one:

  • Size: Digital torque wrenches come in a variety of sizes. An inch-pound torque wrench can range from one that is small enough to fit in your pocket, to one so large you will need two people and a wheelbarrow to move it. So before buying, think about how often you use the tool, where you will be using it (home or shop), and how much space you have to store it.
  • Cost: Prices on digital torque wrenches vary greatly depending on the size, type, and brand you get. For a small beam wrench that is less than $20, to a large digital one that can cost as much as $700.

Now let’s see which ones made the list and why.

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What is the best digital torque wrench?

Now, let’s get to my top 3 favorite picks. There are many great options out there, but these are the three digital torque wrenches that get the job done best. But continue on to figure out which one may work better to fit your needs.

Jake’s Choice

Electrical Torque Wrench
  • Vibrating handle when you reach target torque
  • Oil-resistant handle
  • Takes a while to click up

Excellent Choice

CDI Digital torque wrench (CDI Torque Products)
  • Fantastic precision to prevent over or under torquing.
  • Affordable
  • No accessories

Honorable Choice

Milwaukee M12 Fuel
digital torque wrench
  • Syncs with your phone to adjust settings
  • Amazing precision
  • Very Expensive

Now that you’ve seen my top three picks, there are still plenty of amazing options out there.

Let’s get into them.

Table of Contents

1. ACDelco ARM601 With Buzzer and LED Lighting Digital Torque Wrenches

Best for Beginners

The ACDelco ARM601 Heavy Duty torque wrench series are great torque wrenches to get the job done. The LCD display and buzzer with a blinking red light will alert you when you’ve reached your desired torque.

The Specs

There are two main models of the ACDelco, which includes a 1/2″ and 3/8″.

ACDelco ARM601-3 3/8″ACDelco ARM601-4 4 1/2″
Torque Range3.7-37 ft-lbs (5-50 Nm)14.8-147.5 ft-lbs (20-200 Nm)
Length12 3/8″ (315 mm)17 5/16″ (440 mm)
Torque Accuracy*Clockwise +/- 2%,
Counter Clockwise +/- 3%
Clockwise +/- 2%,
Counter Clockwise +/- 3%
ModesPeak or TracePeak or Trace
Torque UnitsN-m, ft-lbs, in-lb, kg-cm.N-m, ft-lbs, in-lb, kg-cm.
PowerFour AAA batteriesFour AAA batteries
*Accuracy is from 20% to Max Torque.


  • Very user-friendly interface, you can learn how to use this tool quickly.
  • As a midrange digital torque wrench, this handles a lower range than some of the other models
  • The anti-slip grip is comfortable and ensures that you have a good grip on the wrench.
  • It beeps are you with a red flashing light so that you know when your approaching your preset torque.
  • It’s got a push button to release the anvils.


  • Doesn’t reach the larger torque range you would need for wheels or tires
  • No backlight on the LED screen, so you would need a flashlight or your phone light if you’re not working in a really well-lit area.
  • The batteries can drain pretty quickly, which can get frustrating.

Jake’s Final Thoughts

This is a great, simple digital torque wrench that will get basic jobs done. It’s a great bang for your buck, without all the bells and whistles making this a great digital torque wrench for beginners at an affordable price.

2. GearWrench Electrical Torque Wrench

Best Overall

GearWrench is a great brand for tools, and their digital torque wrench is no different. When you hit the “Target Torque Alert”, not only do you get the typical buzzer and LED light, but also your handle will vibrate, which is just plain awesome.

The Specs

Like many of the other brands on this list, there are two options when it comes to the GearWrench.

GearWrench 85076 3/8″GearWrench 85077 1/2″
Torque Range7.4-99.6 ft-lbs (10-135 Nm)25-250 ft-lbs (30-340 Nm)
Torque Accuracy*Clockwise +/- 2%,
Counter Clockwise +/- 3%
Clockwise +/- 2%,
Counter Clockwise +/- 3%
Torque UnitsN-m, ft-lbs, in-lb, kg-cm, kg-mN-m, ft-lbs, in-lb, kg-cm, kg-m
Power SupplyTwo AA BatteriesTwo AA Batteries
*Accuracy is from 20% to Max Torque.


  • Handles are oil and solvent-resistant, therefore you won’t worry about all that grease from working on a car all day ruining your tools.
  • The vibrating handle while you’re working is a game changer. This allows you to work more quickly, without wasting time squinting at the digital display.
  • There’s a percentage button, which allows you to choose when you want the torque wrench to begin notifying you that you are near your desired torque setting.
  • The 3/8th inch has a lower torque setting range than some of the others we have reviewed.


  • This is minor, but although the increments to the 0.1 decimal point improve the accuracy, it can take a while to scroll up and down to get your set torque.

Jake’s Final Thoughts

This is a great digital torque wrench for those that work in their garages, or even work on cars part-time. It gives you all the whistles you need of sound, light, audio, and vibration at a reasonable price.

3. eTork Electrical Torque Wrench

Best Bang for Your Buck

The eTork Electrical Torque Wrench has user-friendly design. Unlike most digital torque wrenches which beep or light up when you hit your desired torque value, it’s Click Style, meaning you will hear a click when it’s ready to go. You have a knob to adjust the torque you need. The eTorks are good to get basic jobs done for the home user or someone tinkering around with their car for the first time.

The Specs

Now the eTork has three different options to choose from depending on what torque range you’re looking for.

1/2″ (EC3250)3/8″ (EC2100)3/8 (EC2250)
Torque Range25-250 ft-lbs
(34-399 Nm)
10-100 ft-lbs
(14-135 Nm)
2-20 ft-lbs
(3-28 Nm)
Torque Accuracy*Clockwise +/-  3%*
CCW +/-  6%*
Clockwise +/-  3%*
CCW +/-  6%*
Clockwise +/-  3%*,
CCW +/-  6%*
Torque UnitsN-m, ft-lbs,
in-lb, kg-cm
N-m, ft-lbs,
in-lb, kg-cm
N-m, ft-lbs,
in-lb, kg-cm
Power SupplyTwo LR44 batteries (included)Two LR44 batteries (included)Two LR44 batteries (included)
*Accuracy is from 20% to Max Torque.


  • The digital torque wrench has a lifetime personal use warranty, which I’ve never seen with any other brand on the market.
  • Each wrench is factory-certified to ensure it works before shipping.
  • Many people rave about how well it gets the job done for the price.


  • This has less accuracy then we find with other models on this list (CCW is at 6%).
  • You have to twist a knob to set your desired torque, and it can be difficult to get you exact number you want. To me, this is almost a mix between a regular and a digital torque wrench, which to me, almost defeats the purpose of getting a digital wrench in the first place.

Jake’s Final Thoughts

This digital torque wrench is hands down the best bang for your buck. There’s no frills as it is a click type torque wrench.

4. Milwaukee M12 FUEL Digital Torque Wrench with ONE-KEY

Best for Professionals

This Milwaukee M12 FUEL Digital Torque Wrench was designed with the professional in mind. As a new digital torque wrench, it’s the first digital torque wrench on the market with a motor so you can get your work done faster than ever before. It’s durable, has a heavy-duty build and can withstand some of the toughest environments.

The ONE KEY function allows the pro track, record, and analyze data all while syncing to your smartphone to adjust changes.

This is definitely one for the professionals, whether you’re a car mechanic working on cars all day or you’re a journeymen electrician using it to quickly remove control panels.

The Specs

As this is one of the newest digital torque wrenches on the market, here’s the breakdown of the two options:

M12 FUEL 1/2″ (2466-20)M12 FUEL 3/8″ (2465-20)
Torque Range12.5-150 ft lbs10-100 ft lbs
Length 23.5″23.3″
AccuracyCW: +/-2%, CCW: +/-3% CW: +/-2%, CCW: +/-3%
Unitsft-lbs, in-lbs, Nm, kg-cmft-lbs, in-lbs, Nm, kg-cm
Power Supply2 Batteries with charger2 Batteries with charger


  • This torque wrench is one of the most accurate on the market, giving you peace of mind that you won’t under or over torque your nuts or bolts.
  • With it’s powerful motor, you’ll be able to complete whatever job you’re doing in half the time it would take with other tools. It uses a motor for the first part of the job, then when it’s close to the target, you twist by hand to finish it off.
  • It has a 5 year warranty, which is a great peace of mind when you’re spending this much money.
  • There are 15 presets.
  • The LCD screen has LED Lights, sound, and handle vibration so there’s no way you’ll miss your torque target.
  • The ONE Key feature allows you to find the location of your tool anywhere if you lose it, while also allowing you to lock and unlock it from your phone.


  • The price tag is pretty steep, which may not be feasible for everyone.
  • Weighs more than others, so it can get heavy if you’re using it all day repeatedly.

Jake’s Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a digital torque wrench that is durable and can withstand tough environments, then this Milwaukee model is the one for you. There’s no question this one is reserved for the professionals. It’s incredibly accurate, which is important when working with delicate materials.

5. Yellow Jacket Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench

Best for the HVAC Experts

The Yellow Jacket Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench is a great option if you’re looking for an adjustable wrench. It saves you time on the job with having nine preset options. It has a buzzer and LED indicator to let you know when you’ve hit your target torque.

The Specs

There is only one digital torque wrench for purchase seeing as it is adjustable.

3/8″ (60648)
Torque Range3.1-62.7 ft-lbs
(4.2-85 Nm)
Length10.6″ (270mm)
Torque Accuracy*CW+/-  2%*
CCW +/-3%
Torque UnitsN-m, ft-lbs,
in-lb, kg-cm
ModePeak and Track
Power Supply2 AAA batteries (included)
*Accuracy is from 20% to Max Torque.


  • It handles really nicely when you’re using it, and it beeps when you’re at your target torque.
  • As being in HVAC myself, I love the convenience when using this as it has nine preset values, and stores the last 50 values, making this a great feature to recall previous measurements.
  • This is great option if you’re working on HVAC equipment due to the adjustments you need to make.


  • You need to be careful about getting this wet and dirty.
  • Sometimes it can be cumbersome to switch directions when you need it.

Jake’s Final Thoughts

This is a great digital torque wrench for HVAC experts and mini-splits, you really don’t need anything else.

6. CDI Computorq 3 Electronic Torque Wrench

Best for Precision

The CDI brand is a trusted, American-made brand. This can be used for light industrial, auto, and other mechanical purposes. It has an LED screen and light, but what’s most unique about this one is the Red, Green, and Yellow Light. It blinks yellow when you’re getting close, green when you’re there, and red if you have over torqued and need to loosen and try again.

The Specs

There are SIX models, which is the most I’ve seen from any other brand. The standard digital torque wrenches come in at 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″. Where this tool really shines is the “accuracy” version, which means they can torque clockwise with a plus or minus one percent accuracy. This is certainly one of the the best I’ve seen.

1/4″ (2401CI3HA)3/8″ (1002CF3HA)2503CF3HA
Torque Range2-20 ft-lbs
(2.71-27.1 Nm)
10-100 ft-lbs
120-1200 Nm
25-250 ft-lbs
33.8-338 Nm
Torque Accuracy*CW+/-  1%*
CCW +/-3%
CW+/-  1%*
CCW +/-3%
CW+/-  1%*
CCW +/-3%
Torque UnitsN-m, ft-lbs,
in-lb, kg-cm
N-m, ft-lbs,
in-lb, kg-cm
N-m, ft-lbs,
in-lb, kg-cm
Power SupplyTwo CR123 LithiumTwo CR123 LithiumTwo CR123 Lithium
*Accuracy is from 20% to Max Torque.


  • The red, yellow, and green light make it easy to figure out where you are during the torque process .
  • It’s high precision can’t be beat. If you’re working on something that requires the best accuracy, this one may be the best option for you. I
  • It’s been constructed very nicely and features a great ergonomic grip, making this a joy to work with.


  • This is another pretty pricey option.

Jake’s Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best digital torque wrench for precision, then this one is likely the best bet with its 1% clockwise precision.

7. Westward Electronic Torque Wrench

Best for Interchangeable Torque Wrench

The Westward Torque Wrench is another excellent digital torque wrench with everything you need. There are sound cues and LED lights for when you’ve hit your target torque. They allow you to change out the torque wrench heads which can be very helpufl.

The Specs

There are two basic models for these digital torque wrenches, with a 1/2″ and 3/8″ versions available.

1/2″ (6PAG0)3/8″ (6PAF7)
Torque Range12.5-250 ft-lbs5-99.5 ft-lbs
Length25 5/8″16″ 5/16
Torque Accuracy*CW+/-  2%*
CCW +/-3%
CW+/-  2%*
CCW +/-3%
Torque Unitsft-lbs, kg-cmft-lbs, kg-cm
Power SupplyTwo BatteriesTwo Batteries
*Accuracy is from 20% to Max Torque.


  • LED lights to tell you when you’ve hit your desired torque wrench.
  • A very affordable option that gives you all of the features you need.
  • Features an interchangeable torque wrench head to meet your specific needs.


  • Clockwise precision isn’t as great as some of the other options on this list (2% instead of 1%).

Jake’s Final Thoughts

This is a great, affordable digital torque wrench that should meet all your needs with interchangeable torque heads.

What is a digital torque wrench?

A digital torque wrench is an electronic ratcheting wrench that allows you to tighten a fastener to certain measurement units or metrics, these metrics include newton meters, inch-pounds, and foot-pounds to name a few. Most manufacturers of products such as small kid toys, to turbine engines, specify certain torque values for their products. Digital torque wrench come in a variety of sizes, metrics, and styles and are now equipped with even more gadgets, accessories, and functional options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are digital torque wrenches accurate?

Yes, they are. But it’s important that you make sure your torque wrench is properly calibrated. In order to do this, any electronic digital torque wrench you purchase should come with the manufacturer’s calibration card.

What is the difference between a digital torque wrench and other types?

Here is a breakdown of some of the most common types of torque wrenches on the market today.

Beam Torque Wrench:

This is the most basic type of torque wrench and it’s been around for years. It basically looks like a ruler with a lever arm on the top to twist it in one direction or another. As you apply pressure to the bolt or screw, the beam will bend. When it’s bent to the desired amount of torque, a pointer on the ruler will line up with a scale on the side of the wrench to tell you how much force is being applied.

The pros of this type of wrench are that they are very simple to use and don’t have any extra bells and whistles. They are very accurate and can be used for many years without needing to be calibrated.

The cons of these wrenches is that they’re not as easy to see the readings when you’ve got your hands full or if it’s hard to visually see where the pointer has lined up on the scale, especially in low light conditions.

Clicker Torque Wrench:

This type of wrench has a dial on it that you can set for the amount of torque you want to apply. When the desired level is reached, there will be a clicking sound and vibration that lets you know the bolt or screw has been tightened enough.

The pros are that they’re easy to use and they’re very accurate. The con of these wrenches is that it can be hard to know exactly where the pointer is on the dial when using them in low light conditions or if your fingers are greasy from working with oil all day long.

Digital Torque Wrench:

This is an electronic torque wrench that has an LCD Display and will display how many inch-pounds or Newton meters of torque you are applying. It also has a beep that goes off when the desired level is reached.

The pros of digital torque wrenches are that they’re very accurate and easy to read, make sounds and some can easily be set up for desired torque. The cons are that they can be more expensive than other types of wrenches, and the batteries can run out quickly.

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