7 Best Portable Tool Boxes of 2022 (Modular Storage Systems)

Spending too much time moving your tools on and off the job site?

Investing in the best portable tool box is one of the most important decisions you can make to keep your tools organized and work more efficiently, so you can get home faster.

So STOP THE MADNESS, you’ll thank yourself later.

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What is the best portable tool box?

It seems that there are more options than ever before when it comes to picking a portable tool box.

Unless your trying to get your steps in, lugging multiple tools back and forth can be a real pain.

Here are my top 3 picks for best portable tool boxes of 2022 (modular storage systems).

Jake’s Choice

Milwaukee PACKOUT Storage System
  • Customizable
  • Front drawer boxes
  • Expensive

Excellent Choice

RIDGID Professional Tool Storage System
  • Heavy Duty
  • Affordable
  • No accessories

Honorable Choice

Ryobi LINK Modular Storage System
  • Simple Design
  • Affordable
  • Not yet available

Now that you’ve seen my top picks, there are still plenty of other great options out there to meet every need and budget. Feel free to jump ahead to the full reviews with my table of contents.

Also, I’ve prepared a nice quick comparison chart if you would like to see the spec’s side by side.

Quick Comparison Chart

1. Milwaukee PACKOUT Storage System

It’s no surprise that the PACKOUT is considered by many the best portable tool box on the market. It meets all your needs for those heavy duty jobs with tough construction meeting IP65 standards. It has the highest weight load capacity in the market (tied with the DeWalt’s ToughSystem 2.0).

What really makes it shine are all the accessories and how customizable it is.

All the Options

In case I haven’t said it enough, the PACKOUT just has so. many. options.

Rolling Parts2 Wheel Cart, Dolly, Rolling Tool Box, Rolling Chest
Tool Boxes Compact, Regular, Large, Extra Large; 2 and 3 Drawer, Tool Case
OrganizersRegular, Deep, Compact, Low Profile, Low Profile Compact
Totes10 inch, 15 inch, 20 inch
Tool Bags15 inch, 20 inch, Backpack, Techbag
CoolerRegular, Compact
AccessoriesTool Crate, Mounting Plate, Racking Kit, Racking Shelf, Work Top, Radio and Charger, Wet/Dry Vac, Light/Charger
Tool KitsSockets, First Aid Kits, and more.


  • Customization. If you have it, they have a place for it.
  • The tool kits are clutch, and really provide the ultimate organization. Take the ratchet and socket kit for example. Every piece is perfectly organized so you don’t have to waste time trying to find the right size.
  • The front pulling drawer boxes are a game changer. This way, you don’t have to unstack everything to get to your most used tools.
  • Meets your dust/water safety by being IP65. Protecting your tools is the number one priority.


  • Can get pretty expensive when you start adding up all the options.
  • Even though they have the front drawer options, you still have to unstack to get to the larger bottom totes which can get annoying.

Jake’s Final Thoughts:

Honestly, its f****** beautiful. It’s the Rolls-Royce of portable, modular storage systems.

2. Ridgid Professional Storage System

This one took me by surprise. It’s a basic, no frills option for those that need a portable system on an affordable budget, but it’s still tough and durable.

It has a much lower weight capacity at 60 pounds for the lower rolling box and it’s important to note I couldn’t find any IP65 designation.

All the Options

This one is a no frills system. It has the basic 3 piece system.

Mobile Rolling Tool Box + Medium Tool Box + Top Organizer


  • Durable due to its high resin construction.
  • Dust and water protection with seal (although not IP65)
  • Affordable


  • No accessories available
  • Lower load capacity of 60 pounds.

Jake’s Final Thoughts:

This is a durable, no frills storage system at an affordable price that works great at moving your tools on and off the job site.

3. Ryobi Link Modular Storage System

Finally, Ryobi is coming out with their own modular storage system! This has been a long time coming for Ryobi fans.

At the time of this article, home depot shows it to still to be unavailable, but their website is give us a sneak peak including its 200 pound load capacity, IP65 rating, and reasonable price.

They’ve even thought of some nifty storage features like a accessory bit at the top of the lid.

All the Options

Currently, they are offering the basic 3 piece system and a tool crate.

Rolling tool box + medium tool box + small tool box + tool create


  • It’s said to be durable with a 200 lb carrying capacity.
  • Compatible with the modular wall system, so you can save time by attaching it from your wall or vehicle, and then moving it to your portable tool box.
  • There’s an integrated accessory bit storage within the lid of the box.


  • It’s not yet available.

Jake’s Final Thoughts:

It’s no secret that I love Ryobi tools. They tend to be high quality at an affordable price. I have some high expectations for this one.

4. DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0

The DeWalt ToughSystem is a mighty opponent. They’ve now released the second generation to work out some of the problems with the first round, but don’t worry, they’re all compatible with each other.

It checks off all your basic needs for those needing a heavy duty system with a 250 lb load capacity, IP65 rating, and many accessories to choose from. This also seems to be the largest of them all.

Overall, this option seems to meet consumers in the middle. It doesn’t have all the accessories as the PACKOUT, but is a more affordable option.

All the Options

The ToughSystem 2.0 has the basic tool boxes, but some additional organizers as well which is a nice touch. It’s also important to note it is reverse compatible with the ToughSystem 1.0.

Rolling PartsRolling Tool Box
Tool BoxesRegular, Large, Extra Large
OrganizersDeep Compact, Shallow Tool Tray, Deep Tool Tray, Foam Inserts, Tool Box Cooler


  • Tons of space for those hauling a lot of tools.
  • Compatible with the ToughSystem Racking system
  • Comes with some good organizational accessories.
  • Durable and meets IP65 standards


  • Not as customizable.

Jake’s Final Thoughts:

This is a durable, spacious tool system that works great at moving your tools on and off the job site and will keep your tools protected.

5. Craftsman TradeStack Portable Storage

Now the Craftsman is a clever option among the portable tool boxes. It only consists of the basic three piece set-up, but if you have a VersaStack organizer, that can fit on the top as well. Unfortunately, the VersaStack has to be the most top box.

Also neat trick, since DeWalt and Craftsman are made by the same company, you can also add some small DeWalt boxes as well.

So even though it may not come with all the accessories, there are actually ways you can customize it on your own.

All the Options

This comes with the basic 3 piece system and a verstack adaptor.

Rolling Tool Box + Deep Tool Box + Suitcase + VersaStack Adaptor.

BONUS: It has a spot on the pack to wrap an extension cord, and a hole in the handle to hang things like tape measures. This comes in so handy in a portable tool box.


  • This meets all the requirements for the protection of your tools, including IP65, and a decent 88 pound bottom load capacity.
  • Extension cord and tool clip spot are ingenious.
  • You can add VersaStack and even DeWalt organizers (however, check to see if it fits first because they are all not compatible)


  • No accessories available
  • Smaller load capacity

Jake’s Final Thoughts:

This is a great option if you need durable, IP65 system, don’t have the heaviest tools to move around, and have VersaStack kits already at an affordable price.

6. Husky Connect Rolling System

This is as basic as you get for portable tool boxes. I see this being a great option for moving things like crafts, light items, and see it primarily used for indoor purposes.

All the Options

Basic 3 piece set with the Connect Cart + Connect Tool Box + Connect Organizer.

The organizer has a clear lid with little organization drawers.


  • Clear lid top organizer with compartment bins for easy visualization.
  • Very affordable.


  • Small load capacity of 100 lbs, not IP65 standard.

Jake’s Final Thoughts:

This is a very affordable system that I see being used more for crafts, etc. It’s not something I would use to haul heavy tools or leave outside in the weather.

7. Hart STACK System

Again, this Hart STACK system I would place in the same category as the Husky Connect system. It’s a good organizer for your DIY accessories or a hobby.

It has the top clear lid organizer, as well as a cool spot to place your phone when your moving around.

All the Options

Top clear organizer + Mobile Cart + Toolbox


  • Clear top lid organizer.
  • Spot to place your phone.
  • Super Affordable


  • Unclear weight capacity, durability, or protection.

Jake’s Final Thoughts:

This is a great option again for that hobby or DIY portable tool cart that will primarily be used indoors.

What is a portable tool box (and is it the same as a rolling tool box)?

Portable Tool Box

A portable tool box is just what it sounds, a tool box that you can move from place to place. It’s a general term to include a single box on wheels, to the large modular systems.

Portable Tool Chest

A portable tool chest is simply a tool chest that is set on wheels. This allows you to move it within your space, but it’s not really for transporting your tools in and out of sites.

Modular storage systems

Modular storage systems are the tool boxes we reviewed here. They are portable, stackable systems that you can load and unload between home and out in the field.

Why do you need one?

These will allow you to load your tools from your jobsite, to your truck, back home much more quickly. The organization will allow you to work more efficiently and get the job done faster.

Remember, TIME is MONEY.

If you’re interested in checking out what tools should go into your portable tool box, check out this list of 97 Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed.

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