How To Remove a Dishwasher (Step By Step Guide)

So, you’re ready to remove a dishwasher.

Whether you are replacing it with a new dishwasher, or removing it all together for a redesign, these 9 simple steps will help you quickly remove your dishwasher.

When your done, instead of throwing it out on the curb for bulk pickup, consider donating your old dishwasher if it still works to a local Goodwill.

You can also check out my full video on my YouTube Channel at Jake Brandon.


This is a general guide on how to safely remove an old dishwasher. User to use this information at their own risk. If any questions or concerns, please consult a licensed professional.

Part 1- Preparation

  • Project Time: 30 minutes
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Cost: Free (if you have the tools needed)

I always recommend gathering all the tools you need first to make the job as quick as possible.

First off, this list of everything you need is for those that are swapping out an old for a new dishwasher.

If you are simply removing a dishwasher and not replacing it, all you will need is a screwdriver and wrench.

Everything You Need

  • Instruction manual
  • Wire nuts
  • Teflon tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Water hose
  • Fittings/ Dishwasher 90
  • Wrench
  • Powercord
  • Accessories (Optional)

Part 2- Say Goodbye to the Old Dishwasher

#1: Unplug the Power

This is as easy as it sounds!

Simply unplug the power.

#2: Locate the Water Hose

The water hose is what connects your main water supply to your dishwasher and sometimes the sink as well.

Locate your water supply that’s under the sink and turn the water off.

#3: Turn Off the Water

Now, turn off the water (unless you want an indoor pool).

Water shut off valves may all look slightly different. Some are pull to turn off, or a twist to turn off.

#4: Disconnect Water Hose

Now, that the water is turned off, disconnect the water hose using handy dandy allen wrench.

#5: Disconnect Drain Hose

Now the drain hose will be attached either near the disposal or an air gap if required by local codes.

In this video, ours is attached to the top of the disposal. Simply use your screwdriver to loosen the clamp and disconnect your hose.

#6: Unscrew the Mounting

Now that your power, drain hose, and water hose are disconnected, we can start removing the dishwasher.

The dishwasher will be mounted to the top of the counter. Open up your dishwasher and unscrew the mounts on both sides.

#7: Pull Dishwasher Out

Now that the screw mounts are disconnected, start pulling the dishwasher out!

If you have nice floors, you may need a cardboard or something to protect them from being damaged.

#8: Feed Hoses Out

Simply feed the power cord, drain hose, and water hose through the cabinet hole so you can pull the rest of the dishwasher out.

#9: Clean the Area

Now clean the area before you install the new dishwasher!

Now you’re ready to rock and roll.

Congratulations! You’ve Done it!

You’ve successfully removed the old dishwasher.

I hope you’ve found this step by step guide helpful.

If you’re installing a new dishwasher, click here to learn how to install a new dishwasher. Also, check out my other How To Guides and Product Reviews if you found this one helpful.

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